We pay you Cash for your Used Clothing and Shoes in Birmingham UK
Our Address
Unit - 2
Century Park
Bordesley Green
B9 4NZ
Tel: 0751 2211 001
Open Time:
Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm
Saturday - Sunday 9am - 2pm

DON'T THROW YOUR MONEY AWAY - Turn Your Unwanted Clothing into CASH

We buy, sell and exports second hand clothing and shoes.
Most of textiles collected by our company are sent to Eastern Europe,
the rest might end up in African and Asian countries to be reworn and reused.
Now we are expanding our business and looking for the new business contacts with customers and suppliers.

Recycle your clothes & shoes and you get the money.

Visit our Birmingham warehouse, is a service that we are offering to the public where you bring your bags of used clothing and shoes to our depot.
Today we will give you £6.00 for every 10kg bag (60 p per kilo) and we take:

Dig out your unwanted clothes, footwear and accessories!
Take a good look in your wardrobe, you know, the clothing that doesn't fit any more, maybe the fashion has changed
or simply you just want rid to make room for some new clothing, while at the same time earning a little extra CASH.

Currently we DO accept:

* Adults & children’s clothing
* Shoes & trainers
* Handbags and belts
* Sheets
* Light curtains
* Asian clothes & Sarees

All items must be clean, dry, wearable clothing and shoes paired,
we check all goods before we buy !

Currently we DO NOT accept:

* Ripped, Stained, Painted, Wet items
* Bad quality, Old fashion, Mouldy items
* Pillows, Duvets, Blankets, Cushions
* Big soft toys, Hard toys
* Heavy curtains, Old coats,
* Carpets, Rags

After checking and consideration the quality of goods,
our decision will be final to accept or refuse to buy.


We take items in any size or type of bag.

Whether you are trying to raise funds for a charity or just need a little extra cash this gives you the public the choice! You may keep the money yourselves or donate to a charity of your choice. Please call us for further enquiries or email.

We are used to recycling most household items, now recylce your clothes with us and earn yourselves money too!

We buy anything from 1 bag to over 10 bags.
Please call us for further enquiries or Email: on 0751 2211 001

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